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Air 7 Chosen as Corporate Aircraft Association (CAA) Preferred FBO for KCMA!

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Air 7 Chosen by Corporate Aircraft Association (CAA) Fuel Program Members as Preferred FBO for KCMA

Beginning October 1, 2019, Air 7 is now recognized as the Preferred FBO Location for Camarillo Airport (KCMA). CAA Part 91 operators members benefit from CAA Preferred FBOs competitive fuel prices since 1995.

A CAA Preferred FBO is based on a combination of good service and fair pricing provided to our members by some of the most qualified personnel and FBO Management in our business. CAA Fuel Program Members choose the FBOs they would like to become CAA Preferred FBOs. The CAA Fuel Program Member companies that frequent the airport vote to include a particular FBO as a Preferred FBO. Preferred FBOs must receive a minimum of 35 net YES votes to be named a CAA Preferred FBO.

A successful FBO is then tendered a three year exclusive contract at their airport.

CAA only allows one CAA Preferred FBO at an airport. CAA Fuel Program Members and Preferred FBOs are partners working together for their mutual benefit.

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