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Healthy Suggestions: Cardiologist - Paramedic Health Insight

Midnight Pit-Stops - 1 1/2 Minute Law - Arterial Rates - Blood Types - Why Water

My name is Alexander, I am a cardiologist and a paramedic:

A very important warning for those who wake up at night to go to the bathroom...

  • You must be careful and use the "One-and-a-Half-Minute Law" which is scientifically proven.

  • By waking up suddenly for one's physiological needs normally, we often hear that someone "was well in good health and died suddenly during the night without reason. “

  • The most likely reason is that when that person woke up to go to the bathroom, he/she got up from bed in a hurry, but the brain needs greater blood flow, for having rested, causing a state of fainting and that is when the stroke happens. 

 It is recommended to learn the "One-and-a-Half-minute law" that can save your life

  • When you wake up to go to the bathroom, you must first:  Lay for 30 seconds after waking up and then sit up in bed for 30 more seconds lowering your legs quietly

  • and sit like that for another 30 seconds " and only then get up to go to the bathroom.

  •  With these steps the chances are gigantic to survive a sudden stroke, regardless of age... Share with all your family and friends.

  • Remember that you can save yours and the lives of many people sharing this information... 

Arterial Rates

  • 120/80 normal

  • 130/85 normal

  • 140/90 high

  • 150/95 very high 

Compatibility of blood groups: What's your blood type and how common is it?

  • O+     (1 IN 3)

  • A+     (1 IN 3)

  • B+     (1 in 12)

  • Ab+   (1 in 29)

  • O-      (1 in 15)

  • A-      (1 in 16)

  • B-      (1 in 67)

  • AB-   (1 in 167)

 Water effect and the Body: We know that water is important but you never knew the right time to drink! Did you know? Drinking water in the correct time maximizes the effectiveness of the human body;

  • 1 Glass of water after waking up, helps activate internal organs...

  • 1 Glass of water 30 minutes before meal helps digestion.

  • 1 Glass of water before showering helps lower blood pressure.

  • 1 Glass of water before sleeping avoids stroke or heart attack.