First Flight New Customer Discount

$1000.00 Discount for first time AIr Charter clients


Your time, expense and trust is an investment.

We are confident that your charter experience with Air 7 will positively affect and increase your level of charter satisfaction.

In return, we would like to invest in you and your first charter booking with Air 7. 

Up to $1000.00 discount off of your initial one way, round-trip or multi-leg flight. No strings. 

We look forward to facilitating your next flight.

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Last minute charter doesn't mean compromise. Not here. 

It's what we do. Every minute. Every flight. Everyday. 

Safety is our priority.

The safest and most appropriate size aircraft and crew for your trip.

In-house experienced operations, scheduling & dispatch team. 

Fast quoting. Competitive pricing. No surprises.

Unparalleled and recognized ground-to-ground service reputation. 

    • Wide range of aircraft selection
    • In-house dedicated Dispatch Department
    • On-demand charter convenience and flexibility 
    • Selection of one way and empty leg flights
    • Transient aircraft availability at discounted rates
    • Pets welcome 
    • Executive catering
    • 24-hour hotel and transportation concierge service
    • ARGUS Platinum Rated
    • Recognized service
    • Exceptional pricing
    • US-Intl- Global coverage
    • Select operator relationships
    • Select fleet of aircraft
    • Quick and accurate quoting