The Perfect Film Set(s).

Two (2) 27,000 sq ft hangars. Superb Facilities. Convenient Production Crew Amenities.

feature films. commercials. reality television. music videos. rehearsal sound stage. documentaries. episodic television production. Long & short term Projects. Corporate & Private Large scale events.

Easy access. Convenient production crew comfort-amenities. Superb facilities.

Air 7, a premier, World-Class private jet facility, is strategically located at Camarillo Airport,  1 hour west of Hollywood, and adjacent to Highway 101.  Easy access  exterior areas for staging, parking and support facilities.

For Details, scheduling & facilities tour, contact: Tom Magglos, General Manager:

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  •  (2) Two immaculate  27,000 sq ft hangars (185 X 145)
  • Superb executive terminal and facilities
  • Convenient, adjacent and ample parking
  • Fully accessible production equipment and vehicle access
  • 24-7 hour filming options
  • Production crew catering, convenience and comfort
  • Strategic alliance with luxury vehicles, helicopter and historical and private aircraft.
  • 2 mile radius access to national chain hotels and restaurants 
  • Air 7 is adjacent to the beautiful Susana Mountains, Camarillo Hills, Port Hueneme and Point Mugu scenic beaches.
  • Air 7 has been featured on ABC’s The Bachelorette and other professional film production projects
  • Access to modern and historical aircraft
  • Vast and ample tarmac, taxiway, hangar, airport ramp and stylish executive facility environment filming options
  • Stunning vistas & environment