Westwind II Available for Immediate Delivery


Air 7 Aircraft Sales & Acquisition is proud to offer an exceptional Westwind II. The Westwind II is a spacious and quiet midsize charter aircraft option that is perfect for economically minded clients seeking long range flight comfort and reliability.

The consummate option for the most discerning private jet charter clients. Whether the Westwind II is being utilized as a business jet traveling with an executive team en route to a critical board meeting, the vehicle for the family vacation or as a bonus reward to top selling company representatives, the flight is economical and comfortable.

Westwind II Summary

  • Baggage Capacity:  67 cu.ft (Up to 1,000 pounds baggage)
  • Maintenance tracking due list: 24 months.  900 hrs.
  • Passenger Capacity:  8 -9 PAX  
  • Cabin Width:  4.8   
  • Cabin Length:  15.9   
  • Cabin Height:  4.9
  • Engines are located 13 feet behind the rear cabin bulkhead, making for a quiet interior.
  • The mid-fuselage-mounted wing provides smooth ride and minimized turbulence
  • Ovoid (vs oval) fuselage shape for enhances passenger comfort
  • DVD Player
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Air Show
  • Max Cruise Speed: 868 km/h (469 knots, 539 mph) at 8,840 m (29,000 ft)
  • Max Range: 4,430 km (2,392 nmi, 2,770 mi) with maximum payload
  • Max Cruise Altitude: 13,720 m (45,000 ft) (max certificated ceiling)
  • Range:  2950
  • Air Speed:  507
  • Short field landing capability
  • Lavatory Style:  Enclosed


KEVIN McKAMEY - Executive Sales Director