The Perfect Film Set(s).

Two (2) 27,000 sq ft hangars. Superb Facilities. Convenient Production Crew Amenities. Easy SOCal- LA basin Access.

Feature film. Commercials. Reality television. Interior drone filming facilities. Music videos. Rehearsal Sound Stage. Documentaries. Episodic Television Production. Long & short term Projects. Corporate & Private Large scale events.

Easy access. Convenient production crew comfort-amenities. Superb facilities.

For Details, scheduling & facilities tour, contact:

Tom Magglos, General Manager, Air 7

Ph: 818.324.0769     Email >

Air 7, a premier, World-Class private jet facility, is strategically located at Camarillo Airport,  1 hour west of Hollywood, and adjacent to Highway 101.  Easy access  exterior areas for staging, parking and support facilities.

  •  (2) Two immaculate  27,000 sq ft hangars (185 X 145)
  • Superb executive terminal and facilities
  • Convenient, adjacent and ample parking
  • Secure and 24/7 access to hangar and exterior areas for staging, set prep, and strike.
  • Fully accessible production equipment and vehicle access
  • 24-7 hour filming options
  • Production crew catering, convenience and comfort
  • 2 mile radius access to national chain hotels and restaurants 
  • Perfect interior drone videography studio- production facilities
  • Air 7 is adjacent to the beautiful Susana Mountains, Camarillo Hills, Port Hueneme and Point Mugu scenic beaches
  • Air 7 has been featured on ABC’s The Bachelorette and other professional film production projects
  • Access to modern and historical aircraft
  • Vast and ample tarmac, taxiway, hangar, airport ramp and stylish executive facility environment filming options
  • Stunning vistas & environment
  • Strategic alliance with luxury vehicles, helicopter and historical and private aircraft.