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Luxury meets efficiency. Arrive in style at your destination.

Charter Services

For our charter services, our core focus is seamless luxury travel of the highest caliber. Our quality standards are second to none. Come see why we remain the leaders in the private charter industry.

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Why Choose Air 7?

Luxury, Convenient, Intimate, and Proven

Chartering jets is our true passion and purpose. Our small, tight-knit management team has decades of experience between us and we’ve come together at Air 7 for our best work: Shared values, years of experience, and extraordinary travel offerings. Our transparency and our customized approach to each customer sets us apart.

Unmatched Quality At Air 7


We prioritize quality in every aspect of our service. Each aircraft and charter trip undergo thorough evaluation by our experienced flight operations team.

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A private jet experience deserves an impeccable buying experience.

Booking Process

Your dedicated Charter Sales concierge is knowledgable, responsive and wants to see you have the most beautiful and memorable experience.

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01 Tell us the “when and where” details
02 Air 7’s charter team will put together a comprehensive proposal
03 Provide us all the details of your trip including catering and ground transportation needs
04 Choose the option that best fits your needs
05 Enjoy a perfect and seamless travel experience as our 24/7 dispatch and operations team monitors your trip from the time your chauffeur picks you up til the time you reach your final destination
Uncompromising Standards

We meticulously review every trip to ensure it’s tailored to your needs while prioritizing luxury and safety.


The ARGUS ratings due diligence system offers charter and passengers around the world the confidence and peace-of-mind desired for their upcoming flight

This is the highest level that can be achieved within the ARGUS rating system. It requires a well-developed Safety Management System as well as a clear and workable Emergency Response Plan, effective policies and procedures and documented records for all major aspects of operations and maintenance within a flight department or charter company.


Your Direct Line to Accurate and Comprehensive Flight Coordination

Air 7’s On-Site Dispatch Services offer a seamless experience from wheels up to wheels down, managing all trip details efficiently. With a single point of contact for all trip planning and coordination, we ensure consistent and accurate communication with aircraft owners, assistants, and crew members. Our team comprises experienced professionals renowned for their superior attention to detail, providing clients with a reliable and proven service that exceeds expectations.

Air 7

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my aircraft stay with me at my destination or fly somewhere else?

That is largely up to you. If you want to keep the aircraft with you we can account for that in the quote. However in some cases it is much less expensive to take two separate “one-ways” in which case it will not be the same airplane. Again we here at Air 7 are committed to finding solutions that are unique to your needs and budget. Be sure to ask your Charter Sales Executive which option makes the most sense for your needs.

Is my aircraft wheelchair accessible?

Please check with your charter sales associate about your specific requirements. Numerous aircraft offer wheelchair accessibility, with the majority being large jets featuring a straight aisle. It’s important to note that certain motorized wheelchairs may not fit or collapse, requiring the use of a smaller, temporary wheelchair.

Can I access my luggage while in flight?

On most private jets, you will be able to access your luggage during the flight. On large private jets, luggage is often stored in a compartment behind the lavatory, which means easy access to your bags.

Will my private jet charter use the same airport as a commercial airline?

The beauty of chartering a private jet is you can fly in and out of any airport you choose so long as the airport has the capacity for the type of airplane you are chartering. We generally recommend avoiding the large international airports due to heavy airline congestion plus exorbitant fees associated with the large airports serviced by the airlines. Be sure to discuss with your Charter Sales Executive where your final destination is so they can determine which airport is best suited for your specific needs.

Is it ok for unaccompanied minors to fly onboard chartered private jets?

Domestically, yes, as long as you discuss prior with your charter sales representative. Minors under the age of 16 traveling alone require a legal guardian to complete a notarized document listing the approved contact at their destination. International flights may have additional restrictions.

How do you ensure my Privacy?

We prioritize your privacy and consider it paramount. All information related to passenger and charter flight itineraries is treated with confidentiality to ensure the protection of your privacy. Sharing of details occurs strictly on a need-to-know basis.

Are there any luggage limitations or recommendations?

The baggage compartments of each aircraft vary in size and weight limitations. It is important to inform us of your anticipated baggage weight and size, especially if traveling with golf bags, extra large suitcases or skis. This allows us to make suitable arrangements for you and your guests. Opting for soft-sided baggage is recommended if you aim to maximize the number of items you bring.

What terminal and gates are used at the airports?

You will arrive at a private terminal called an FBO (Fixed Based Operator) which are more private and comfortable than airline terminals. Most FBOs have luxurious lounge areas, gourmet coffees and snacks, and provide a place to wait if you are early for your flight. In most cases you or your driver can drive right up beside your airplane where you can step straight from your vehicle onto the airplane while the ground staff loads your bags for you.

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Air 7 is committed to redefining the standards of private aviation by consistently delivering unparalleled world class customer service to every visitor, client, vendor, aircraft owner, traveler, employee, and flight crew. Safety, professionalism, and personal comfort are the cornerstones for earning the respect, trust, confidence, and loyalty of our colleagues, team members and our customers.