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World-Class FBO Facilities. Exceptional Service.

FBO Services

We believe that excellence is essential. At Air 7, our mission is to redefine the standards of private aviation by delivering exceptional service across the board. We are dedicated to providing discerning aircraft owners, operators, passengers, and crew with exceptional care, expertise, and precision.

FBO Reservation

Convenient Location

Located just minutes from Los Angeles and other coastal Southern California cities, our FBO airport is centrally located for your convenience. It offers easy accessibility while being close to Los Angeles without the congestion of being directly in the city and surrounded by freeways. Our world-class facilities are easy to access and situated in a secure and safe neighborhood. Instead of rushing through the hustle and bustle of an international airport, enjoy a smooth drive to our location in Camarillo.

Fully Appointed for Those Who Require The Ultimate Care and Expertise


Come in and make yourself comfortable. At Air 7, we strive to provide you with the most relaxing experience possible. Relax in our aviation-based, custom-crafted leather couches and furniture while enjoying the beautiful FBO vintage-modern decor. Watch TV and access Wi-Fi in our comfort lounging room during your downtime.

Need something? Don’t hesitate to ask. Our supportive fixed base operator staff understands their role in making your trip unforgettable. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience from the minute you arrive until takeoff.

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We accept ALL Contract Fuel programs
CAA Preferred FBO. Fuel Supplied by World Fuel Services.
  • Lavatory Service
  • Two 27,000 Sq. Ft. Hangars/li>
  • Potable Water
  • Crew Car
  • Executive Catering
  • Sleep Room (Two Beds)
  • Conference Room
  • Private Media Room
  • Flight Planning Room With Charts
  • Aircraft Sales Department
  • Luxury Pilot Lounge
  • Courtesy Transportation
  • Quick-Turn Refueling
  • Secure Facility
  • Ground Power Unit
The Air 7 Line Tech Team

World-class, personalized service and welcoming hospitality

Airplanes are our passion. With precision and care, we maintain your aircraft, ensuring it is in superior shape before continuing on your next journey.

Airplanes are our passion. With precision and care, we maintain your aircraft, ensuring it is in superior shape before continuing on your next journey. Our line service staff does more than ensure your valuable aircraft is marshaled, stored, fueled, and cared for—they collaborate.

Entirely in sync with Air 7’s customer service, aircraft sales, aircraft management, maintenance, charter, and airport operations divisions, our FBO aviation professionals are essential to your needs and our success.

Communicate Live with Air 7

Our line technicians each wear a state-of-the-art two-way communications headset with our Unicom frequency set to 130.8. Join us for a live broadcast as you taxi in or out of the Air 7 ramp for real time marshalling instructions. You might even enjoy a corny joke or two.

Hangar, Event & Office

Air 7 is the Perfect Location for Your Aircraft Storage, Business Conference, Reception or Gathering

Air 7’s FBO World-Class facilities include clean and secure hangar space that accommodates virtually any aircraft: White glove treatment.

We have beautiful new offices, complete with second-story balconies and access to our conference room, media room and spacious lobby. The perfect place to conduct business.

Throwing an event? Air7’s combination of access, superior catering options, and open, fully appointed facilities are perfect for your next business meeting, reception, public announcement or soiree.

Air 7

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an FBO?

FBO is an acronym for fixed base operator. In short, an FBO is a commercial entity that is permitted to provide aeronautical services like ground and flight instruction, fueling, storage, maintenance, and more. They offer their services for both private flight crews as well as commercial flight crews.

FBO facilities offer passengers basic amenities, while others offer luxury lounges for their customers. Many FBO services have lounges where customers can wait for their flights before departure; some even provide sleeping facilities, shower facilities, gift stores, car rental desks, and private meeting rooms.

What is the difference between an FBO and an airport?

An FBO is a private facility that leases land from an airport. In other words, it’s a privately owned company permitted to operate in an airport facility. You can think of FBOs as private jet terminals. Generally, airports are publicly owned facilities used by public entities, including local, regional, or state authorities.

What do FBO facilities offer passengers?

The services an FBO provides help to make flying privately a seamless and luxurious experience. It’s important to note that the services provided by each FBO can vary. However, FBOs generally offer fueling, ground handling, ramp services, lavatory services, catering, conference rooms, lounges, aircraft sales, parking, maintenance, line services, baggage handling, and more. Beyond some basic services, FBOs can offer additional amenities such as immigration clearance and on-site customs. An FBO offers these services for flight crew, passengers, and aircraft owners. Air 7 offers world-class amenities that many customers agree set us apart, such as our luxury pilot lounge, courtesy transportation, aircraft sales department, crew car, and much more.

Is there more than one FBO at an airport?

Yes, there can be more than one FBO at an airport. The amount of FBOs operating at an airport often depends on the size; in some airports, there may be just one. When operating a private jet, you can choose which FBO you’d like to use. In many cases, passengers have a preference based on their services. At Air 7, we’re proud to be a full-service FBO offering luxury amenities to airline crew and passengers.

What does security look like at an FBO airport?

When you think of flying, you probably imagine standing in long lines for intense security before boarding an aircraft. While that may be the case for flying on a commercial airline, security at an FBO airport is much different. Due to industry changes and outlines from the TSA, all passengers boarding any aircraft must undergo safety and security screenings. On private jets, however, they are often less stringent. These safety screenings are also much faster in FBOs than in commercial airports, and you’ll be on the aircraft in no time. Two of the biggest advantages of flying privately are its ease and flexibility. For many people, the most significant difference is the ability to load an aircraft without the extensive TSA checks.

Can I leave my vehicle at the FBO?

Yes! We offer client parking in the Air 7 parking lot. If you need to arrange ground transportation, let us know and we are happy to set it up.

Do you offer Full Service Jet A and 100LL?

Yes, our fuel is all full service provided by trained line service technicians. We train to the highest safety level through NATA’s Safety First program.

Do you offer a GPU?

Yes, we offer free GPU service.

Do you have Hangar space?

Yes! We have two 27,000 foot hangars that accommodate aircraft as large as a Global 7500.

Do you offer Concierge services?

Yes! Please see our list below of all the services we can offer.

· Shuttle services to any local hotels.
· Assistance with chauffeur-driven limousines or luxury buses, depending on the size of your party.
· Booking accommodations at any of our various nearby hotels.
· If you need to wait for your onward transport, you can sink into a comfortable chair and watch a show while sipping on a warm or cold beverage.
· Are you traveling with pets? We are pet-friendly so your family friend can stay with you and enjoy a treat!

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Experience Air 7

Air 7 is committed to redefining the standards of private aviation by consistently delivering unparalleled world class customer service to every visitor, client, vendor, aircraft owner, traveler, employee, and flight crew. Safety, professionalism, and personal comfort are the cornerstones for earning the respect, trust, confidence, and loyalty of our colleagues, team members and our customers.