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Aircraft Sales & Acquisition

Aircraft Sales & Acquisition

Looking to own an aircraft? Your journey begins with choices. You can opt for a brand-new aircraft, offering complete customization options, or consider a previously owned aircraft, designed and ready for quicker entry into service. Our team specializes in guiding clients through these choices.

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We Guide You Through the Complexities of Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Experience hassle-free jet sales with our comprehensive brokerage services. We handle every aspect of the sales process, from pricing and advertising to negotiating purchase agreement terms. Plus, we closely monitor the pre-purchase evaluation and delivery event, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. Trust us to navigate the complexities of jet sales while you focus on your next adventure.


We Share the Same Motives. The Same Outcomes. The Same Goals.


Air 7 works for you the client. Fixed Fee Services.


Air 7 will determine your aircraft’s value, condition, status, market trends, market value, competitive aircraft and # of days to reach a sale.


Your Aircraft vs. “The Market” – direct competitors, class competitors, Asking or Go To Market Price – Retail, Trade Price assessment, technical inspections and workscope.


Air 7 will determine value-add flight operations features and benefits designed increase the marketability of your aircraft to potential clientele.


Complete aircraft preparatory and marketing checklist: Visual inspection, flight schedule, clean, MX Status & Due List for email, title & lien search, marketing strategy/execution, broker/dealer integration, market listing and more.


Air 7 will field all inquires from the marketing campaign and qualify the buyers. Upon receipt of a LOI we will negotiate and provide for additional information requests. Complete and thorough.


Air 7 will field all inquires from the marketing campaign and qualify the buyers. Upon receipt of a LOI we will negotiate and provide for additional information requests. Complete and thourough.

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Let us guide you through the process of acquiring an aircraft. Browse our private aircraft listings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is it more advantageous to charter an aircraft instead of purchasing one?

Chartering is often a more economic choice if you only fly private a few times a year. It offers flexibility, variety in aircraft options, and a pay-per-use model which includes operating costs in the flight cost. Chartering is ideal when flight usage is sporadic and needs are difficult to predict.

What advantages does owning an aircraft offer over chartering?

Owning an aircraft provides consistency, personalization, and complete control over the private flying experience. Owners enjoy a consistent experience every time they fly, can personalize the aircraft to their taste and needs, and have full autonomy over trip changes, maintenance, and crew training.

How can I decide whether to charter or buy a private jet?

Deciding between chartering and purchasing a private jet can be complex. Consulting with a trusted partner can help you make the right decision. Air 7 can help. email A professional can provide expert guidance on all aspects of chartering and assist you through the entire purchasing process when you’re ready to own your own aircraft.

What are the options for acquiring an aircraft in the business aviation industry?

The primary options for acquiring an aircraft include paying cash, completing a trade-in transaction, financing, or leasing. Each option has its advantages depending on individual or corporate financial situations and goals.

What precautions should I take when securing financing for an aircraft purchase?

When securing financing for an aircraft purchase, it’s crucial to “buy right” by conducting due diligence to ensure reasonable pricing. Most lenders focus on the client’s ability to repay the financing but also consider the aircraft’s value and condition. Additionally, be aware of potential penalties or breakage fees for early payoff and ensure the aircraft is managed by a reputable company to maintain its value.

What should I look for when buying my first plane?

If you’re looking into airplanes for sale, ensure you’re buying from a reputable seller. At Air 7, we specialize in luxury private aircraft sales and inspect every aircraft before sale. We do this so you can buy with confidence and comfort, knowing you’re purchasing a luxurious flight from people who put honesty and transparency first.

If you have more intricate questions regarding aircraft buying or selling private jets, we recommend you contact us. We’d happily walk you through the process to ensure you get the best aircraft that fits your lifestyle.

Do you offer a wide range of aircraft?

Of course! Availability depends on the market, but we at Air 7 have acquired and sold a vast collection of private jets through the years. Our private aircraft for sale have included Lear jets, Gulfstream jets, Beechjet aircraft, and many more. We only buy and sell the best because you deserve the best.

Visit back regularly to see what private jets we have for sale, or contact us if you have any further questions. One of our professionals would be happy to assist you.

What is the average price of a private aircraft?

A private jet aircraft for sale is likely to cost millions. Low-cost private jets can cost around $2 million, but higher-end private jets can start at nine figures. Size and carrying capacity affect the cost of the aircraft, along with build materials, electronics, and more.

Additionally, you’ll have to consider the cost of a flight crew. We at Air 7 are happy to assist with this, as we employ a robust crew of highly trained flight professionals. We’ll see that your personal jet is taken care of and that you’ll enjoy the highest level of service from takeoff to landing. Contact us to learn more.

Let Us Guide You Through the Process of Selling & Acquiring Aircraft

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Air 7 is committed to redefining the standards of private aviation by consistently delivering unparalleled world class customer service to every visitor, client, vendor, aircraft owner, traveler, employee, and flight crew. Safety, professionalism, and personal comfort are the cornerstones for earning the respect, trust, confidence, and loyalty of our colleagues, team members and our customers.