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Supporting Our Troops


Behind every military troop deployment and return, we are proud to serve you, as you serve us.

Air 7 Proudly Salutes Our Military Forces

We know passenger confidence is based on safety, comfort, and current flight crew training

With every military troop deployment and return, we stand ready and proud to serve those who serve us. At Air 7, we offer not just fueling locations and clean, spacious facilities for loading and offloading passengers and cargo, but unwavering support and gratitude for our brave military forces.

Our Line service personnel are consistently trained to the highest standards and pass top safety audits. When you arrive at Air 7, you’ll benefit from peace of mind knowing that we go above and beyond typical commercial safety protocols to ensure you arrive and depart safe and sound.

In salute to your sacrifice and dedication, Air 7 proudly stands beside our military forces.

Navy C40 737 troop drop at Air 7
F-18 Hornet at Air 7
Air 7 welcomes Navy SH-60 Seahawks to the ramp
U.S. Navy SH-60 Seahawk Sikorskys storm Air 7!
Troop homecoming. Memorial day 2017
Air 7 Recognizes Marines 247th Birthday

There is a Difference, We Cordially Invite You to Experience Air 7 for Yourself