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Today, travelers booking a commercial flight have plenty of seating options. From economy to business and first class, passengers can choose between basic seats and private plane cabins for privacy and luxury.

While flying commercial is standard, travelers may be surprised to know that booking a private jet is an option that isn’t just reserved for the rich or famous. Many companies, such as Air 7, offer private jet flights for anyone that are incredibly convenient and more affordable than you might think.

If you’re considering booking a private jet charter, you might wonder how it works and its benefits. Here are a few reasons you should consider booking private charter flights.

More Control of Your Travel

Flying on commercial airlines leaves little wiggle room or flexibility regarding your schedule. Unfortunately, long layovers, tight connection times, missed flights, and delays are part of the experience of flying on commercial airlines. In addition, you will still be forced to travel on their schedule and not at times that are necessarily convenient for you. Many mishaps can occur when you fly on a commercial airline, causing travel issues and headaches.

So, what control can you expect when flying on a private jet? One of the biggest benefits is that you can set your departure time and schedule. Essentially, private jet flights work around your itinerary instead of your itinerary working around your flights. Here are a few examples.

Fly Direct to Any Destination

Booking flights around a tight schedule can be frustrating, and you may not find the exact route you need. When you fly on a private jet, you can book a trip from your airport directly to the one you need. Private jets often have access to smaller airports that are often inaccessible to commercial airlines. This allows for more efficient and time-effective travel, giving you more time to work, play, or relax at your destination.

Skip the Lines and Crowds

Those who fly frequently know the rules and regulations of using a commercial airline. First, passengers must arrive early enough to get through security. In many cases, this means standing in a line for a long time—potentially hours, depending on when and where you travel. While security rules and measures with private jets still exist, identification documents, such as passports or driver’s licenses, are collected at booking. This means a fast and smooth boarding process for your flight.

Aircraft Comfort

Private flights have the flexibility to focus on one main element of your travel—your comfort. Instead of cramming onto a commercial flight, you’ll experience the customization and personalization of private jet travel. You can choose the jet’s size, type, and onboard amenities, which means you can cater your experience based on your and your passengers’ needs. Instead of sticking to the rules and regulations inside a commercial craft, you’ll have more freedom, such as bringing your family pets.

You’ll enjoy comfortable, spacious, and roomy leather seating. You’ll be free to wander around the cabin, enjoy fast Wi-Fi, and have plenty of room to stretch out. Personalized amenities can be provided, such as your favorite foods and entertainment. You’ll have much more comfort and control over the entire process than anything you’d experience on a commercial flight.

Enjoy the Privacy

Many passengers enjoy the privacy and confidentiality of a private jet charter. If needed, you can have confidential business meetings in the air, enjoy personal conversations, and even hold video conferences while inside the plane. Do you get tired of engaging in small talk with strangers on commercial flights? You’ll be able to avoid that altogether.

Speaking of privacy, one of the most significant conveniences and privacies of flying on a private jet is having your own personal bathroom. Freshen up, change clothes,and use our high-end soaps and toiletries without even waiting in line. Booking private charter flights lets you enjoy priceless peace of mind and solitude.

Learn About Air 7

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With an exclusive, full-service fleet, we’re ready to take you to the destination of your dreams. We’ve got plenty of flexible schedules and pricing options. Contact our 24/7 charter team to learn more today!