World-Class FBO Facilities. Exceptional Service.

Camarillo, CA - KCMA

EAsy access: SoCal-LA Basin, Westlake Village, Malibu, Santa Barbara

  • We accept ALL Contract Fuel programs.

  • No Charge for Lav Service, Potable Water or Ground Service-GPU.

  • Fuel Volume Discounts.

  • Westlake-Malibu Aircraft Owners Choice: Ddoor to Taxiway average travel time: 35 Minutes

  • Traveling cross country or internationally? Air 7 specializes in exceptional fuel operations, prestigious passenger and pilot care facilities.

  • When departing on time counts: Air 7 is strategically located to serve Santa Barbara, Malibu, Santa Monica, Westlake Village, Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

“Tom, I just want you to know that your troops treated me like royalty when I taxied up this morning in my Citation. One marshall for parking, one to insure wingtip clearance, and I barely got the door open when an Air7 rep welcomed me with a tray of cold drinks. I’ve been doing this a very long time and have never been treated better. The crew car was right there, with the air conditioner on. Bravo and thank you!”
— Ken Ambrose Direct Email from Mr. Ambrose to Tom Magglos, August 31, 2019
An awesome experience and wonderful staff. Attention to detail that shows every time we make a stop. Best FBO!
— Mark Huntley, 23-Mar-2016, AirNav Review
Top Notch facility. Great line crew and staff. They treat everyone like they show up with a G550... Fuel prices are lower than other on the field and the service is superb. I will be back over and over. Thanks
— Liron Petrushka, 25-Feb-2017, AirNav Review
Air 7 ... continues to be the best FBO in the country from my experience. Fuel prices are very competitive.
— Greg Lennox, 26-Sep-2017 AirNav Review
Air 7 is a beacon for what superb customer service should look like. Everyone at Air 7 was polite, attentive and competent...their facilities are first class...Air 7 is the place to be. Thank you everyone at Air 7.
— Henry Van Boxmeer, 27-Mar-2015, AirNav Review

Air 7. for those who demand the ULTIMATE care & expertise.

the perfect combination for your Southern California destination and fuel stop.