World-Class FBO Facilities. Exceptional Service.

Camarillo, CA - KCMA

EAsy access: SoCal-LA Basin, Westlake Village, Malibu, Santa Barbara

  • We accept ALL Contract Fuel programs.

  • No Charge for Lav Service, Potable Water or Ground Service-GPU.

  • Fuel Volume Discounts.

  • Westlake-Malibu Aircraft Owners Choice: Ddoor to Taxiway average travel time: 35 Minutes

  • Traveling cross country or internationally? Air 7 specializes in exceptional fuel operations, prestigious passenger and pilot care facilities.

  • When departing on time counts: Air 7 is strategically located to serve Santa Barbara, Malibu, Santa Monica, Westlake Village, Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

An awesome experience and wonderful staff. Attention to detail that shows every time we make a stop. Best FBO!
— Mark Huntley, 23-Mar-2016, AirNav Review
Top Notch facility. Great line crew and staff. They treat everyone like they show up with a G550... Fuel prices are lower than other on the field and the service is superb. I will be back over and over. Thanks
— Liron Petrushka, 25-Feb-2017, AirNav Review
Air 7 ... continues to be the best FBO in the country from my experience. Fuel prices are very competitive.
— Greg Lennox, 26-Sep-2017 AirNav Review
Air 7 is a beacon for what superb customer service should look like. Everyone at Air 7 was polite, attentive and competent...their facilities are first class...Air 7 is the place to be. Thank you everyone at Air 7.
— Henry Van Boxmeer, 27-Mar-2015, AirNav Review

Air 7. for those who demand the ULTIMATE care & expertise.

the perfect combination for your Southern California destination and fuel stop.