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Whether it is a company or a private jet, owning an aircraft is an exciting and freeing experience. It allows you to get to where you need to go on your schedule and time. It is also a luxurious experience to have an experienced and disciplined pilot and flight crew available for your needs with a safe, insured, sound aircraft ready to go at a moment’s notice. However, some of that freedom and excitement can be muted if you alone are responsible for your personal aircraft’s management, maintenance, and finances. Aircraft management services are available to ease the stress of private jet management and help you make the most of ownership.

What are Aircraft Management Services?

Though there is a range and depth of aircraft management services depending on clients’ wants and needs, aircraft management service is any operation, maintenance, management, or upkeep provided by a third-party company to assist in jet ownership.

Private jet management services use a sliding scale of provided services, from specific and essential services on one end of the spectrum to complete turnkey management on the other. The number and frequency of services can be hand-picked by clients and include:

  • Aircraft maintenance, repairs, and safety support
  • Comprehensive aircraft operations
  • Oversight of insurance and regulation compliance
  • Charter revenue opportunities
  • Discount fuel and parts programs
  • Crew selection, hiring, training and management
  • Financial statement tracking and reporting
  • Personal, single point of contact care

Personalized jet management service programs ease the stress, time, and money needed to own your jet and help you best maximize ownership. Discover more benefits below.

Day to Day Maintenance and Safety

The day-to-day private jet management and maintenance can be time-consuming and stressful, particularly if you have other responsibilities competing for your time. Ongoing jet maintenance includes personnel responsibilities and aircraft safety and is explored in more depth below. Due to trusted connections, ample experience, and operational know-how, aircraft management services habitually go above and beyond when supervising these crucial tasks.

Personnel: The Pilot and Crew

Aircraft management service can oversee all personnel needs for your aircraft, including the hiring, training, and scheduling of your pilot, flight crew, maintenance crew, and others. They also manage salaries and payments and provide a transparent, regular summary of all transactions. These services extend to other chartered flights on your aircraft should you choose to allow chartered flights on your jet to offset ownership costs.

Aircraft Safety and Maintenance

As recent news stories have shown, you must regularly perform safety and maintenance checks to ensure your aircraft is properly functioning. Jet management services are meticulous in guaranteeing your aircraft functions properly and will catch damage and necessary repairs early. They also ensure the aircraft complies with FAA and ICAO regulations and requirements, confirming legal and proper flying procedures are followed.

Aircraft management understands the importance of maintenance, from aircraft cleaning and detailing before and after each flight to the correct performance of all mechanical and electrical systems on the ground and in the air.

Storing Your Aircraft

Whether you use your aircraft for your sole discretion or charter it to offset ownership costs, you need secure, accessible storage. Aircraft management services handle hangar negotiations and have an extensive network list of where to land, house, and access your private jet.

Save Money and Time

Aircraft management services save you time by negating the need to constantly prepare and plan the logistics for upcoming trips on your own, such as:

  • Outfitting the aircraft with trip concierge services
  • Providing accounting services for flight and operation finances
  • Scheduling and preparing aircraft for each trip

They also save you money through fuel, labor, parts, and insurance discounts. Aircraft management knows the business and has built a trusted, exclusive network that can be accessed by hiring their services.

Many jet owners offset ownership costs by chartering their private jets for other customers. Doing so on your own can be risky and time-intensive. Aircraft management services can operate your chartering business exclusively, ensuring a predictable and consistent revenue stream with little risk and inconvenience.

Learn about Air 7’s Aircraft Management Services

Air 7 is a complete private aviation jet services organization with unparalleled service and attention to detail. With strategically located world-class facilities and expert staff in aircraft management and maintenance, Air 7 stands out as a premier company. Call today to learn more about exclusive, trustworthy aircraft management services.